Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags - Set of 6

Our silicone bags keep your fridge & kitchen organized, and bring unexpected convenience to your lifestyle!

silicone bags

Why Choose Silicone Food Storage Bags?

BPA FREE food-grade silicone food storage bags unlike other items, our reusable silicone bags are completely free of fillers, BPA, PVC, phthalates which can be dangerous to your health after they migrate into the food.

REUSABLE FOOD STORAGE BAG Directly reduce the amount of plastic in your house with these reusable silicone storage bags and saving your money, eco-friendly. Getting Our Planet a Better Place. And great heat and cold resistant, temperature resistant-58℉~482℉(-50℃~+250℃). Safely use in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, oven or boiling water. (Must remove the sliding closure before heating)

HERMETIC SEAL AND LEAK-PROOF Our silicone food storage bag are designed with Airtight seal, leakproof vacuum and zip-locked container to keep food fresh while keeping odors and liquids inside for much longer, which can makes it easy to carry on and go for a camping trip. After used, you can fold them up or lay them flat, which is very convenient to store in the kitchen drawer or hanging on the hooks of the pantry.

UPGRADED SIZE & BETTER COMBINATION You will receive 6 reusable food bags in 2 sizes: 4 Medium (30oz/ 4 cups/ 1L), 2 Large (50oz/ 6 cups/ 1.5L) that can fulfill all kitchen needs. 50 OZ bags are to store family portions, meal prep, bigger fruit, fish, meat; 30 OZ bags are to stock leftover, kids lunch, sandwich, fruit, vegetable, or pet food and on-the-go food! We also included a bag rack holder which can release your hands.

EASY TO CLEAN The easiest way is to turn the bags inside out, throw them into the dishwasher and let it do the work for you! If washing by hand, turn the bag inside out, hand wash with soapy water + sponge and air dry over a glass or use a towel.


How to use your silicone food storage bags?


Pull the slider to the opposite direction of the arrow to open the silicone food bag, then put food in them.


Use the rack holder to open the silicone food bag, then put food in them.


Line up the arrow on top of your slider bar with the arrow on the top edge of your bag.


The slider bar slides across the silicone storage bag to end to create an airtight seal.


NOTE: All orders are shipped from New Jersey. Please allow upto 2-3 days for processing.