June 03, 2020 2 min read

Sustainability is going mainstream, as more of us are doing our best to lower our impact on the environment. If you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, here are 15 reasons to switch to sustainable products and live a more eco-friendly life!

1. You will have cleaner air to breathe because more sustainable products release fewer emissions.

2. Climate change may cause many people to have to relocate, making them give up their homes in areas that would be flooded by the ocean. By choosing more sustainable products with a lower carbon footprint, you will prevent this from happening.

3. You will help preserve the natural environment for future generations to see and enjoy.

4. Helping support sustainable businesses means you are giving your money to a company doing good things for the planet and helping it thrive.

5. Being eco-friendly and reusing sustainable items is cheaper in the long run.

6. Making sustainable choices and being aware of your water and electricity usage helps reduce your bills.

7. Non-plastic and sustainable products are free of harmful chemicals, which could negatively affect your health.

8. Going green makes you more self-sufficient.

9. By choosing rainforest-friendly products and sustainable alternatives, you are giving a stop to deforestation (responsible for habitat destruction, poor air quality, and more).

10. Since sustainable alternatives are often sold by smaller, independent companies, you are supporting entrepreneurship and helping your local economy bloom.

11. By going green and choosing sustainable products, you are setting an example for others to do the same.

12. Sustainable products are in general more durable, which means that you will not have to buy new ones in a long time.

13. Going green makes you overall healthier, with less toxic chemicals and better air quality in your surroundings.

14. If you have children or plan to one day, choosing sustainable products helps ensure a brighter future for them.

15. Being sustainable makes you happier because it helps improve your surroundings.

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