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Sustainable Home Goods

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It’s no secret that many businesses create cheap and poorly made products on purpose so you’ll have to throw them away and buy new ones. It’s called planned obsolescence, and it’s killing our beautiful planet. What are the signs of planned obsolescence? It’s when your new shirt starts to fray after one wash, or your child’s toys break after being dropped on the floor one time. At Vedessi, we’ve had enough of this manipulative cycle, and we know you have, too. That’s why we offer sustainable home goods that won’t break, chip, or tear after only a few uses. That means you won’t need to replace them anytime soon, and you won’t be creating more trash for landfills. When you shop with Vedessi, it’s a win for both you and the earth.

If you are looking to shop for eco-friendly products to increase your sustainability levels and decrease carbon footprint, Vedessi is the answer. How often do we hear discussions and possible solutions for being eco-friendly, enhancing sustainability, and protecting the environment? Probably a lot less in the modern age! It is often stated that this is an initiative for corporations and businesses.

But do you know that you can play an important part too! All you need to do is shop for products that are sustainably created and eco-friendly. Having said that, you do not have to set aside a chunk of budget to live a sustainable life. A few tweaks in your lifestyle and diet would bring a quintessential transformation.

Vedessi brings you innovative and unique sustainable household products across categories for your daily use. These product lines range from kitchenware and utensils to bath essentials and shopping bags. Not only are these products amazing to use and stylish, but also they are created with sustainable materials such as bamboo and other biodegradable materials.

There are various advantages and conveniences of shopping with us at Vedessi. You get access to unique and exclusive products, and you can take a look at these with ease, thanks to our simple and thoughtfully designed UI. Our products are manufactured with strict quality checks for longevity, reliability, and durability. When you shop at Vedessi, you get to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience as you shop comfortably from anywhere you wish. You can also shop unique items for your friends and family and ensure that your bonds only get stronger with our eco-friendly products.

There is a lot that you can do to contribute towards helping the environment, especially when it comes to shopping with Vedessi. We do not just offer one category of sustainable home goods. Our line-up has a massive variety of items that are all created from environmentally-friendly materials, allowing you to decrease your carbon footprint whether you are preparing food for a get-together or shopping, or even getting ready for work. Our offerings include various categories, and here’s a little more on what we have to offer: Dining

Utensils are a great place to start if you are concerned about using items that are not eco-friendly. Our dinnerware offerings are not only eco-friendly but are durable and sturdy as well. The best part is that you get to bring more environmental benefits each time you have a meal.


Similar to our dinnerware, we also offer partyware for the times when you need to host friends for a party or guests for a gathering. Our partyware makes for a great party as it also gives you a chance to show your sustainability efforts and talk about something different.

Kitchen essentials

Are you tired of working with the same old heavy and boring utensils? Add a little more zest and freshness to your kitchen with our handy, ergonomically designed kitchenware. Not only do you get an advantage with the thoughtful design, but you also get to tick off your environment-related goals with our eco-friendly kitchenware created with sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Bath essentials

When you are in the bathroom, getting ready for the office or an important event, or an outing, it is essential that you use the best bath essentials and products for the genuine results you desire. Our products offer the best hygiene while being environmentally friendly. Vedessi offers the best quality to cover all your essential bath needs with a bamboo twist. The bamboo-based construction makes them visually appealing and durable, and long-lasting.

Shopping bags

We all know how plastic shopping bags are one of the significant sources of pollution and harm to both the environment and animals. Whether it is the microplastics making their way to the oceans harming aquatic life or polybags getting stuck in the stomachs of animals, we all know the damage plastics can cause. We understand that such plastic bags are a requirement, which is why we aim to replace them with environmentally conscious and eco-friendly shopping bags. These bags not only allow you to make your grocery runs sustainable but also sturdy enough to be multipurpose.