July 02, 2022 4 min read

The kitchen is one of the most wasteful parts of the home. From everything we cook to the chemicals we use for cleaning, there are several opportunities to improve for a more eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen. Besides, it does not end there. It’s a disregarded space, left forgotten, knowing the fact of what it brings to the table. The utensils we store our food into what we serve to play a significant role in churning our life and setting an example for others.

Coming back to the point, why should an individual use eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen products? Besides, to protect the environment, using such kitchen products can minimize your overall waste and assist in saving a considerable amount of money while promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for the entire family. It might be clear that utilizing these eco-friendly kitchen products will be your part of promoting a sustainable environment. However, there are reasons and pointers you need to know before you reach any conclusion.

Why is it essential to store your food safely?

Several people consume organic food to alleviate their exposure to potentially toxic chemicals. But have you stored your food safely? Most traditional plastic containers contain Bisphenol-A and BPA, chemicals primarily found in plastics.

Specific research pieces have shown that BPA may seep into our beverages and foods. Meanwhile, this is one of the chemicals that has been linked to impacting the reproductive systems of every animal used in lab experiments. The complete effects of exposure are a bit unknown. But, it’s not a risk people are willing to take.

Glass Food Containers

Many brands in the market now provide you with food storage containers made from eco-friendly materials over traditional plastic. As a result, consider looking for glass food storage containers or storage items made from stainless steel or food-grade silicone. This may prevent potentially harmful chemicals from infiltrating into your food. It is also essential to know food containers crafted from eco-friendly materials are more durable and reusable as compared to plastic, standing the test through numerous dishwashing cycles without wearing down or eroding if you’re on a stringent budget and not willing to spend a lot.

It’s time to save your money

Some eco-friendly items might seem more expensive, but they will save you considerable money in the long run. By replacing your traditional paper towels with reusable dishcloths or paperless towels, you would not have to go out and purchase another pricey stack of excessively packaged paper.

You would also be doing a huge favor to your planet by saving endless trees. An integral feature of eco-friendliness and sustainability is reusability. By owning reusable products that are durable and longer-lasting, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned income every time you run grocery shopping.

1. Stasher Bags

Did you know that stashers are reusable silicone bags? In addition, they are one of the plastic-free storage options made from 100% platinum-grade silicone. If you’re wondering how to store food in a stasher bag, one could simply stash food in the bag and place it in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, or oven. Guess what? They have a transparent covering, making the food easily identifiable. If you have a soft corner for multiple colors, do check some other colors if a plain transparent covering does not allure you.

Silicon Food Bags

These bags are ideal for leftovers, snacks, frozen produce, and everything you’d otherwise put in plastic bags.

2. Huggers

When it comes to a zero-waste kitchen, functionality, and flexibility are the frontrunners. Consequently, you have to shed light on a product like Food Hugger to be the hero in the kitchen. Huggers disallow you to use plastic coverings on leftover fruits, salad plates, or even a jar whose lid is no longer around. As a result, use these food huggers to seal half-eaten fruits or cover jars with no caps. This product might not be what you’re looking for, but it certainly does the purpose.

Huggers are ideal for preserving cut produce, covering jars without lids, and covering small salad bowls.

3. Glass Bowls & Jars

Let’s go back to the basics! A suitable storage container ever found in your kitchen was a glass bowl holding left-over gravies and whatnot. In addition, glass bowls and jars are ideal for freezing and refrigerating smoothies, jams, soups, and more. It does not end here. These can be utilized for storing just about anything in your pantry. Having said that, glass bowls and jars are among the versatile zero-waste food containers available on the market.

Glass Food Containers

One of the most sustainable options is to use bowls and jars from sauces, nut jars of butter, cold coffee bottles, and other foods that come in glass containers from supermarkets. With respect to queries you might be struggling with, the most frequently asked question by people is whether, ‘can I put a glass bowl in the oven,’ to which we only have one answer. The answer would be a simple yes. You can put the glass jar in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven if it's oven-safe.

In the end…Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Whether on the go or at home sipping on your favorite drink, you can find long-lasting, reusable alternatives. Most coffee mugs and water bottles are crafted with reusable eco-friendly materials and can be found in fun colors and styles. Both stainless steel and glass are durable and long-lasting options for your beverage of choice.

Remember, the single-use plastic straw has seen its way out! Even though there’s a long way ahead of us, more consumers are saying “no to plastic straws” now. Moreover, many local establishments have moved forward and banned the use of straws. Speaking of which, environmentally conscious people can utilize reusable straws that come in an array of eco-friendly items like stainless steel, glass, silicone, copper, and even bamboo, for that matter.

The bottom line

While you’re reaching the end, we encourage you to consider innovative and thrifty courses of action to become more eco-friendly in the kitchen and several areas of your abode.