August 01, 2022 4 min read

The Importance of Green Living in Our Life and Environment

If all of us adopted a green way of living, we wouldn’t be experiencing issues like deforestation or global warming. Everyone else would instead do their part to sustain and conserve their surroundings for green living. Having said that, many people pollute the environment without knowing there is no planet B. Not only do these acts have consequences, but they can affect the upcoming generations severely. As a consequence, embracing a green living can influence the people around and make them think about the environment.

Rising pollution levels, depleting resources, and devastating climate transformations have considerably impacted our planet. This has made scientists, common people, and activists call for a need to preserve our Earth and maintain a green living at all costs. Yet another factor that can play a substantial role is the age of information. Gone are those days when people had no internet or means to communicate all around the world. Now, everything has changed for good. 

The internet is the game-changer!

Nowadays, one can raise awareness through blogs, surveys, movements, initiatives, Facebook groups, and whatnot. Indeed, the internet has been a game-changer, but only if you utilize the medium for a cause. As a result, it’s high time to go for green living. Besides, environmental experts have pointed out the hazards that can occur if preventive actions are not taken. Using biodegradable or eco-friendly products can be one of the factors in alleviating plastic toxicity. In addition, the judicial use of non-renewable resources & choosing environmentally friendly resources can significantly diminish the burden. 

More companies have come forward.

In the modern age, more organizations are designing products that can assist humans in living a green lifestyle. Everything is being developed with environmental preservation, from cars, utensils, light bulbs, cleaners, straws, and mattresses to clothing. Furthermore, such products can help conserve water, precious natural resources, and energy while curbing pollution. 

Their expediency makes it more convenient than ever to reside and exist sustainably. However, many people might be wondering why this exercise is integral. This is why we have outlined fundamental reasons for adopting green living.

Quality life by conserving natural resources

Living green also implies conserving the available resources. One way to start is by establishing a culture of planting trees. Make sure you include your entire family so that the kids grow up with such values instilled and ingrained. Apart from solar energy, one can also utilize water from streams for irrigation purposes. 

However, if you plan to go for green living, you might have to embrace gardening. It is ideal to ensure that you and your family eat healthy and clean food. Purchasing food from the market is trickier today as several vendors use specific taste enhancers and chemicals to speed up the growth of vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, farming is one of the excellent ways to manage stress without seeking the help of a psychologist. 

Lead a Healthier Life

Living a green lifestyle implies leading a healthier tomorrow because the diet will make the difference. With vegetables and fruits in your diet, they could provide various nutrients. 

Even if you’re a newbie in gardening, it’s not that tricky or challenging. Besides, it’s easy to start growing food at home using outdoor hydroponic systems. Through such a process, one can prevent numerous lifestyle diseases that cost you expensive hospital bills. Remember, each body requires the nutritional intake of fruits and vegetables to function correctly. 

Self-aware children

There’s no way to incorporate green living without engaging your children. You must inculcate such values in your kids and educate them on the importance of embracing green living. Educating your children about environmental conservation from their tender age is an ideal way of impacting this next generation.

Many people from this generation do not pay heed to environmental protection. That’s because they won’t live forever and especially not when their thighs begin to go south. However, in such a process, they tend to forget that their children and their children's children will be around to suffer the repercussions. 

Healthier Environment

SomeWHO surveys have reported that nearly 13 million were recorded annually. Approximately a quarter of all infections and diseases globally are due to environmental causes that could have been prevented. Such health implications comprise chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Moving on, according to theCDC, when people consider sustainable food options, purchase eco-friendly products, use alternative transportation, and recycle, they help curb the pollution leading to these diseases.

Save Money

What is a green lifestyle anyway? Many would argue that saving energy and water help conserve natural resources and a significant amount of money simultaneously. Since the worldwide initiative started in 1987, replacing standard light bulbs and appliances with energy-efficient ones has prevented close to 2.3 billion tons of CO2 from polluting the air. Usingenergy-efficient LED light bulbs and devices can also penetrate close to 30% off the annual electricity bill. Have you calculated how much you’d end up saving? Well, that would be an average of $627 per year, depending on the home, appliance, and climate.

Curb Climate Change

The most significant contributor to climate change is the process of burning fossil fuels. Such a type of energy leads to hazardous and destructive carbon dioxide emissions, polluting our surroundings. We can help combat climate change by reducing our energy consumption. But, does one adhere to it? Well, one of theresearch pieces shows that shifting to energy-efficient appliances can help alleviate carbon emissions by close to 19%. 

If you didn’t know, in 2017, recycling saved more than 184 million tons of CO2 from our environment. Guess what? It’s equivalent to eliminating 40 million cars in one year. Taking steps to living a green lifestyle at home can considerably reduce carbon emissions and save our planet for generations to come.

In the end

Everything has a life. Even our beloved planet has a life. Nothing in life is permanent. But, the fact is that everyone knows it. Yet, no one adheres to preventive measures. Consequently, it becomes our sheer responsibility to teach our succeeding generation and abide by the importance of green living and how it transforms our life.