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6 Eco friendly Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

It’s almost 2022 now, and shopping sustainably must be on top of your list. With every added waste that arrives with excess packaging, bows and ribbons, and overdone wrapping paper, it is only fair to do your part right, as tiny as it might seem. When it concerns finding the ideal gift for a colleague, friend, or significant other, you can look for eco friendly gifts that are less expensive and readily available. Well, in simple terms, it’s time you put your money where it’s worth. But, on green items. 

Here are some of the best eco friendly gifts for people who care about making the environment a better place to live. Moreover, these gift ideas prove you do not have to sacrifice style and quality to show a little responsibility towards your planet. Plus, it goes a long way. 

Looking for perfect eco friendly gifts? Look no further than our zero-waste travel kit! This handy kit contains everything you need to ditch disposable products and travel sustainably. Aren’t these the best eco-friendly gifts you’ve been looking for? Well, let’s find out.

1. Portable & Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cupsare perfect eco friendly gifts!

Did you know that the coffee culture in the world has taken off in the past decade? However, single-use coffee cups are nothing but awful for our surroundings. Despite being crafted predominantly from paper, these cups usually comprise a plastic lamination and can’t be composted later. Post that, of course, there are plastic lids that you need to think about. As a result, you need to consider reusable coffee cups as your eco friendly gifts for your next coffee outing! These make ideal gifts for the coffee lover in your life. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also help to reduce waste. 

Switching to reusable coffee cups is no less than a heroic attempt to save the world. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to alleviate one’s plastic footprint. Vedessi’s portable and reusable Bamboo Fiber coffee cups are an ideal product. 

2. A Zero-waste Travel Kit - Bamboo Straws & Wooden Cutlery Set

Travel is one of the integral aspects of our lives. Besides, do your loved ones want to take their zero-waste life along even when traveling but don’t know how and where to begin? Well, this is a perfect gift for the eco-conscious traveler. It includes everything they need to reduce their impact while on the go, from reusable water straws to wooden forks, spoons, and chopsticks.

Moreover, creating a DIY zero-waste travel kit for your loved ones is honestly more leisurely than you might think. Once you have some items pulled together, you know how to proceed. And, if you wish to buy more, check Vedessi’s website for more such products.

3. Wooden Serving Tray

Who wouldn’t like trays with startling finesse? Not only are they ideal eco friendly gifts, but they are an excellent option for hosting eco-friendly gatherings. Meanwhile, they are made from sustainable items and are free of any harmful chemicals. Aesthetically pristine wooden trays with nothing but vibrant pops of themes are attention-grabbing items that can make your kitchen space lively and please guests at the same time. 

More than just serving the purpose, serving trays are the best eco friendly gifts for her. Furthermore, they’re a fantastic decorative item you can add to your home. 

4. Yoga Leggings

Do you know a wellness expert who’s into yoga? If yes, there’s no better gift for your better half than good, high-quality, high-waisted yoga leggings. It is like an avid runner getting their favorite sneakers or a cyclist getting their most-beloved bike. Besides, a quality set of leggings is a product that makes you or your loved one feel comfortable. 

And, if you’re searching for them, this is where yoga leggings come in! Now, your loved ones can entirely focus on their workout. Moreover, it is one of the best eco friendly gifts that no longer have to fret about what chemical additives they may be planting their dog on when trying to enter the zen zone. Even though this sounds metaphorical, you’d know when you buy our 100% polyester, skinny fit leggings.

5. Natural Bamboo Dish Scrub

When purchasing gifts for loved ones who are a part of your organic movement, you ought to ensure that you buy naturally-grown items that are devoid of chemicals. But did you know that the secret to surprising recipients is knowing what ingredients will complement their routine cleaning? As a result, what’s better than bamboo scrubs? Isn’t this one of the best eco friendly gift ideas that not only works well but is also ideal for all dish types? 

Organic scrub brush ensures your dishes and utensils stay smooth, firm, and rejuvenated. They are ergonomically designed and crafted with renewable and harvested bamboo. Isn’t that something you’d be hoping for? They are versatile and can be used as a pan brush, iron brush, skillet brush, cast iron brush, and many more.

6. Moon Tray Glass Wooden Crescent Holder

As much as you love the sight of flickering lights and sophisticated fragrances from your favorite scented candles and whatnot, you can’t help but wonder: How can all that be ingrained into one holder? What exactly is the price we pay for excellent ambiance?

This wooden crescent holder makes a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to any home. When it concerns conventional gifts, such as the typical tea lights and taper candles, most are made from animal fats or paraffin and plastic, also known as petroleum waste. Besides, the latter is awful for humans and the environment. 

On the other hand, this wooden holder is safe for your environment and adds that extra element to your home decor. In the end, these storage trays are versatile and can be used as a bowl or crystal holder, ring dish, jewelry tray, and many more. 

What’s the verdict?

So, there they are, gifts for eco friendly people. But, in the end, remember, whatever present you pick for your loved ones should match the choice and personality of the recipient, or else the entire purpose will be defeated. And, if you want to see more cool eco friendly gifts for her and him, this post serves them for you. In the end, it all comes down to how sensitive you are. As a result, before making a purchase, know the history of the product. Research if the eco friendly gifts you’re buying are fair trade or do not go through a laborious manufacturing process.