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wholesale-eco-friendly-productsWe’re Here To Create A Waste-Free Future

Our planet is literally on the verge of a significant climatic fiasco because of our constant fight with the consistently rising pollution and environmental damage where single-use plastic leads the front of this threatening swarm. With these rising environmental change concerns, it has become more crucial to put resources into sustainable and eco-friendly wholesale products.

At Vedessi, we support the growing movement for an eco-friendly world by manufacturing and supplying planet-friendly and plastic-free products that are not only good for the consumer experience but also take us toward a more sustainable future.

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Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Products


Less Expensive:

Eco-friendly products are less expensive as they don’t require immediate replacement.

Protect The Environment:

Sustainable wholesale products can alleviate the impact humans have on the planet.

Make Life Healthier:

Eco-friendly products are free of harmful components and chemicals and don’t expose human bodies to dangerous elements.

Can Be Easily Recycled:

Nature-based solutions are most effective and biodegradable. Wholesale Bamboo products are an ideal example.

Start your own business of eco-friendly products

With multiple landfills overly-occupied and oceans choked with plastic, green living products and responsibilities have become more prevalent than ever before. The good news is there are numerous steps you can integrate into your practices to contribute. Whether a small sole proprietorship or a massive corporation, starting a sustainable business has become easier.

Consider switching to reusable supplies. From kitchen products to daily equipment, you have the option to invest in eco products in the wholesale USA.

  • Reduce, recycle, reuse: These 3r’s are reckoned as the circular economy concepts in order of significance. Whenever you initiate a sustainable setup, reduce a product’s carbon emissions by extracting material from nature itself, introduce reusability of a product by producing goods from waste, and educate the target audience on recycling. When you manufacture recyclable goods, you’re investing in an idea that will prolong for years and generations.
  • Sustainable packing is a must: Packaging should be a pivotal part of operations if you wish to sell and ship products to your clients and customers. From shipping boxes to wrapping paper to eco-friendly food packaging wholesale, such materials add up pretty quickly. To become an eco-friendly wholesale business, consider prioritizing transforming your packaging material to more sustainable ones, such as recycled paper. Eco-friendly packaging options are a form of biodegradable ones that do not leave any trace of waste at the end of their cycle.
  • Choose your products wisely: Selecting an array of products can be challenging when starting an eco-friendly business. As a result, pick instances from a routine lifestyle that require sustainable transformation. From cutlery and toilet kits to green clothes, you can choose anything.

Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Products

Save Mankind
Eco-friendly products do not promote irresponsible production and product disposal.

Create A Defined Market

Such products promote the idea of a green economy, creating new green jobs.

Help Local Communities

Sustainable products create opportunities for local suppliers and promote the idea of fairly traded goods within the community.

Agricultural Economy

The demand for organic alternatives like cotton, jute, etc., will lead to diversification in crop patterns.

 Buy in Bulk and Gift wholesale products to your loved ones


The culture of gifting in the most attractive sense has been practiced for decades now. Whenever the word ‘gift’ resonates around your listening sense, it brings a tear of joy. Besides, it’s one of the most tangible ways how humans express happiness and love for their loved ones. However, with gifting comes significant responsibility. Gifting tends to produce millions of tons of waste. It’s also claimed that half of the waste ends up in oceans and landfills. Paper with glitter, bows, foils, and coatings is not recyclable.

This is where sustainable gifting aims to alleviate the use of resources, use biodegradable and reusable materials, and upcycle things that have already been utilized and still exist somewhere on the planet. Vedessi comprises an array of eco-friendly gifts that can help reduce waste and acknowledge an Earthly lifestyle.

While you are environment-sensitive, promote the sustainable idea by buying green products for your loved ones. You have a comprehensive list to follow, from kitchen essentials and eco-friendly partyware to dining, eco-friendly carry bags wholesale, and dining products. This way, you can select eco-friendly bulk products. If you’re worried about the deal, do not hassle. When you pick products in massive numbers, Vedessi offers you multiple deals you have never seen before.

Why buy from Vedessi? 

While we have come to an age where people do not understand life without innovation, we are gradually heading towards a slow death. From machines to food to construction to clothing and almost anything, we have exhausted all the resources and materials we could have thought about. In short, we have exhausted Mother Nature.

At Vedessi, we support the idea of sustainable living and have grown within the movement. By manufacturing plastic-free goods and promoting the idea of a green environment, we have an intimate collection of beauty products, green toys, and even dinnerware. Having said that, we are dedicated to making it easier and seamless for you to make a change.

From sustainable manufacturing procedures to an ethical working atmosphere, we make sure that every product is crafted with dignity and mindfulness. Since waste production is on a seeping high, we work towards raising awareness and prioritizing product-based recognition. In fact, we say that ‘every day is Earth Day.’ And every small transformation comes with our commitment and sheer dedication.

Through eco-friendly dinnerware, we allow you to save money by not investing in the same product for years. Moreover, our sustainable products keep you healthy as they contain no BPA and other harmful ingredients. Through partyware and bath essentials, we promote a unique style, ergonomic designs, and the use of bamboo, reducing carbon footprints on significant levels.

For custom-designed eco-friendly products and wholesale inquiries, please email us at contact@vedessi.com

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