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Eco-friendly party supplies and tips for your next celebration

In the modern age, where technology is unprecedented, people have become lethargic in several ways. From losing interest in living a sustainable life to helping each other out, it’s time to rethink what needs to be done. Besides, humans make green living a bit more complicated than it should be. Not only is the concept simple, but a natural way of living must also come naturally, isn’t it? On the other hand, when it comes to partying, we also tend to forget about the products we buy for the event. 


However, our culture’s disposable obsession and mindset with consumerism could make it challenging to live simply. Even though there are ways to host parties and buy eco friendly party supplies, you can’t take anything for granted these days.

How to Host Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties?

Remember the last child’s birthday party you attended. Or, for that matter, any party you were a part of. What was common in these events? Plastic decor and plastic disposables! Trust us; all these quick purchases are elements that derail the foundation of eco friendly party supplies. Chances are - the paper, cardboard, heavy-duty tie wraps, and plastic filled dozens of garbage bags. And that is wrapping paper and packaging! Most of us fail to realize that some wrapping papers are not recyclable with every dye, laminate, and flitter. 

When you’re done with covers and decor, now comes favors and toys. If you’re an environmentalist, it would be fair to say that you have your hands against the head in disarray. Besides, what’s the long-term impact of batteries, you might ask? Once discarded, several toys of such kind will never break down in landfills. Moreover, they will reside for a thousand more years. Another deadly truth is the presence of plastic toxins that can adversely affect marine life, soil, and the environment. 

In fact, any over-the-top birthday party promotes the notion that ‘bigger is better.’ In simple terms, you would not want your child to pick the same tradition and hury the surroundings indirectly. So, what does a parent do? How do you introduce everyone around you to eco friendly birthday party supplies?

Send Digital Invites

Send digital invites when it comes to at-home events, such as baby showers or backyard rehearsal dinners that typically need a paper invite. Meanwhile, you can create pretty designs on websites, such asCanva. The application can help you design digital invitations for free. All you have to do is select the template and insert the information. Plus, you can save on postage and avoid all the envelopes and paper being tossed in the trash can.

Repurpose Home Decor


It is tempting to hit the party supply shop for all forms and types of decorations. In this case, try swapping one-time-use accessories with reusable ones. We are referring to eco friendly party supplies. Repurpose decor items instead of purchasing endless party supplies that will get tossed after the birthday party. Consider using picture frames around the home to frame printed pictures that can fit the theme. Moreover, would you never be wrong with sparse arrangements of fresh-cut flowers? If you plan on buying something for the party, go for eco friendly party supplies wholesale. 

You can even use wholesale products later. How cool is that? 

Make It a Potluck

We overbuy specific food items and discard them in the trash can. There’s nothing more upsetting than wasting food. This is when you overestimate the amount of food required for an event. To avoid all the food waste, consider getting a headcount prior to the event. This helps align the count and make an educated guess about how much is required. When it comes to brief and informal gatherings, go for packaged snacks like pretzels and chips. 

On the other hand, you can even promote and celebrate the idea of a potluck. Not only does it make sure there will be a suitable amount of food for everybody, but you would know that everyone will enjoy one specific dish. Meanwhile, guests can even volunteer to take the leftovers home when they finish the entire event. 

Avoid Disposable Utensils and Plates

Before we begin with the point, eco friendly party supplies are a must-have. And, if you’re struggling to get a better deal, go for eco friendly party supplies wholesale. Such a move will get you better coverage and won’t hurt your pockets. So, let’s move on now!

While you can locate paper plates for about any party theme, most of this disposable dishware can't be recycled. Moreover, choose reusable dishes you might already have to help the environment and your wallet. Be certain to kick-start the day with empty dishwashers so guests can load their dishes to prevent a sink pileup.


At times, disposable dishware is unavoidable. This majorly occurs when one is hosting a party in a park or does not have many plates for every guest. In such a case, consider looking for compostable or recyclable utensils and dishes. 

Eco friendly party supplies you can buy!

Palm Leaf Square - Plates Set

Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, this plate set is processed through heat-pressing fallen palm leaves without utilizing artificial chemicals, tins, and wax. You get an entirely eco friendly dinnerware set, adding a new charm to the dining experience.

Know that your guests will rave about this product for parties to come.

Palm Leaf Rectangle Platter Tray 14" x 10" Inch

If you wish to buy a huge platter tray for the party, this Palm Leaf Rectangle Platter/Tray by Vedessi is an ideal alternative to plastic, paper, and styrofoam tableware. Moreover, this Eco-Dinnerware is handcrafted from fallen areca palm leaves gathered, cleaned, and heat-pressed with no waxes or chemicals.

Wooden Disposable Cutlery | Forks - Knives - Spoons

The cutlery set consists of knives, forks, and spoons with a size of 6 inches. Not only are these eco friendly birthday party supplies a superb alternative, but they are made from sustainable birch wood. Like the palm leaf platter, these wooden disposable forms, spoons, and knives are also made from fallen leaves.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for eco friendly party supplies wholesale deals with Vedessi. If you need eco friendly party supplies in the shape of decor, favors, or toys for kids and adults, follow this guide and make a wise choice.