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How To Live A Green Lifestyle On A Budget

What rings a bell in your ears when the idea of green living resonates around you? Does a green lifestyle align itself with a cost-conscious one? Is that so? If not, what is it, and how do you make specific changes to live a green life? For beginners, a green lifestyle is to find ways to care for the environment daily without breaking the bank. Experts have stated that living a sustainable life does not imply spending more bucks. 

“Yes, it’s possible to live sustainably on a tight budget,” said Kathryn Kellogg. “In fact, when she started to live a more green life, she didn’t even know what she was committing to.” Cathryn had to think about her investments and ideas for such a lifestyle. However, there are ways through which you can live a green lifestyle. Let’s discuss a few of them in the rundown.

Reduce energy consumption

There are cheap methods to reduce energy consumption and live a sustainable lifestyle. One way is to adjust the daily routine. Yes, you read it right. For instance, during the summer months, consider opening your windows in the morning to let the cool air inside and close them at night to keep the heat from getting inside. Moreover, one can also utilize fans to circulate the air and keep the entire home cool. Besides, in the winter months, dress in layers to quickly adjust your body temperature and seal any drafts around doors and windows. 

Yet another way through which you can reduce your energy consumption is by using energy-efficient appliances. When you go for a green lifestyle shop, look for the ENERGY STAR, indicating that the equipment adheres to the stringent efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. 

In the end, remember to unplug appliances that are not in use, as they can consume power even when turned off. By performing such small changes, one can save a significant amount of energy and assist in protecting the environment.  

Choose environmentally-friendly transportation

Did you know the best way to alleviatecarbon footprint is to select environmentally friendly transportation options? Taking the train or bus instead of carpooling, driving, biking, or walking, are all excellent ways to reduce your environmental impact. It’s sustainable for the planet and ideal for your wallet at the same time. 

environmentally-friendly transportation

On the other hand, public transport is cheaper than driving, and biking or walking does not cost anything. However, when you drive, choose a fuel-efficient vehicle or try carpooling. You could offset the emissions, too, by investing in green energy or planting trees. Remember, every little bit helps when working towards a simple cause. 

Buy in bulk

Bulk buying is the easiest way to alleviate your packaging waste footprint and save a considerable amount. Here, a green lifestyle shop can make a wholesome difference. A green lifestyle shop like Vedessi can help you pick some of the best green lifestyle products. 

Meanwhile, buying in bulk allows you to buy larger quantities of things at a discounted price; this can help save money in the long run. Moreover, there are some things you must consider while bulk buying, like you need to have enough storage space for all your items and only purchase what will be used within the timeframe. But, if you wish to commit to bulk buying for a green lifestyle, it’s one of the excellent ways to save money and reduce your footprint. 

Think of micro improvements

Everything takes time. Even taking baby steps towards a green lifestyle is a day of hard work. Moreover, it’s essential to realize that living a green lifestyle is not a black-and-white achievement. Instead, it is a spectrum of shifts that can take you towards a better tomorrow that does not involve carbon emissions. Additionally, it’s more accurate to state that a human can reside in a green way even if they are on a tight budget. It’s about the nitty-gritty, not the big things you thought of earlier. Ultimately, it’s about how much progress you have made, not the perfection you’re after. 

Opt for reusable products

Opt for reusable products


Utilizing reusable products instead of disposable ones is the hallmark of sustainable living. But it is also a budget tip. From cloth grocery bags to water bottles, choose items one can invest in and reuse again, rather than purchasing disposable alternatives that contribute towards promoting waste while adding up to your total budget. For example, you buy a package of cloth towels for $40 and use them for eight years. In this case, it’s estimated that the equivalent in paper alternatives would have cost her a difference of $1,000.

Tap your community

Always remember, one being’s trash is someone else’s treasure. As a result, before investing in that next product, why not reach out to a community close by? Experts suggest that it’s always advised to reach out to the person next to you and check if they require anything. In such a case, if you have the right product that hasn’t been used for a while, consider giving it. In addition to requesting, you can actually join a group that goes by buy-nothing or hunt social media groups for thrift stores and freebies. This may land you the perfect pair of shoes you were looking for and save you a bunch of cash. 

Choose to shop online

Since we live within a modern setup of online channels and platforms, it’s easier to maneuver through. What if you want to purchase a tee or a cardigan from a nearby store? Consider checking the internet before going to the shop. Online shopping can offer a convenient and environmentally friendly option to traditional brick-and-mortar setups. Whether shopping for groceries, shoes, or a credit loan online, traveling through a virtual route is quite cheaper.

Choose to shop online


By purchasing goods and services online, one can reduce their carbon footprint. With the lifestyles green, you have a responsibility in your hands. A green lifestyle enables you to look for several alternatives. What if you get a handsome deal online on clothing that you knew you wouldn’t have secured in a physical store? What about that? You would save money like any coupon. So, always think about how much damage your actions will produce to the environment.