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The modern world talks about the trend with environmental responsibilities. Whether educational institutes, government offices, corporate houses, or homes, it’s catching up fast worldwide. As it can be a bit overwhelming to shift towards a green lifestyle to reduce waste, improve water and air quality, and conserve energy, one must understand its importance. Moreover, it’s not beyond the world of potential and possibilities. If you take a country’s case study, nearly every second home has integrated eco friendly housing elements. 

As a result, the primary perception is that it might induce expensive backgrounds whenever you talk about environmental-friendly options. On the other hand, what if we tell you that going green is cost-effective? Would you believe us? It is the right time to stop feeling guilty or building up excuses for not shifting to green products or eco friendly houses. If you’re one of the enthusiasts who want to make a green change, here are some eco-alternatives that can transform your house into an eco friendly home without adversely affecting your budget. 

Remember, building eco friendly houses does not require a lot of money but appropriate methods. 

Bamboo Toothbrush

Healthcare providers suggest that a user changes their toothbrush every quarter. Assuming that the entire American urban populace discards toothbrush four to five times a year adds to a staggering 1500 million plastic brushes reaching landfills yearly. If such a figure is alarming or resounding to you, it would be time to switch to biodegradable alternatives. So, if you love environmentally friendly homes, a bamboo toothbrush is quite sustainable; when you discard them, the product is easily biodegradable compared to plastic. 

Such toothbrushes come with compostable handles that might look appealing. Moreover, these toothbrushes are also all-natural. Furthermore, the bristles comprise charcoal, keeping your teeth clean. 

Manage Kitchen Waste

Over 50 percent of household waste in landfills is biodegradable, implying that it could have been processed rather than ending up there. That’s why avoiding the overflow of garbage dumps can be quite helpful for the general public. If you are thinking about how such actions can help your house and the environment at the same time, all you must do is stop handing over your kitchen garbage to municipal workers. If that is the case, it is time to treat the waste yourself. 

Be it eco friendly houses or eco friendly housing techniques, both of them are similar. A house owner can procure a hassle-free and cost-friendly composter right at their doorstep, without much effort. So, consider looking for a composter that can occupy less space and does not drain your time. 

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

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As per a detailed report by one of theNorwegian universities, inhaling chemically-laced agents is as worse than consuming 30 cigarettes daily. Moreover, experts have stated that inhaling such cleaning agents can damage any living being’s airways and expedite lung decline. Avoid such cleaning agents if you are conscious of your loved ones’ health. Move to natural cleaning agents as they are non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable. 

Shift To Cloth Diapers

Like diapers, sanitary napkins come with several plastic layers mixed with artificial fragrances and absorbent gels. Even though the diaper is quick and easy to wrap your toddlers, it’s not entirely safe. Speaking of which, tonnes of such products are responsible for environmental degradation and plastic pollution. As a result, using safe and soft reusable diapers for kids is easy on your pockets and machine washable. Now, beat that if you can. Depending on the brand, diapers can be worn several times, even after they are washed multiple times. 

Save Water 

Nearly 300 million liters of water are washed daily. However, you can eliminate such wastage with simple steps. It might take time to shift habits and change the procedure more comfortably. For that, there are many products offline and online. For instance, water aerators are one of the all-in-one solutions to the issue of running taps. Once installed inside a tap valve, such a product can save close to 35 percent of the water every minute compared to regular taps. You can even install water-saving shower heads to save close to 80% of household water and alleviate energy consumption. 

If this is not for your eco friendly houses, what is?

Make A Sustainable Style Statement

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Style statement is essential, but your wardrobe is a great way to start if you focus on sustainability. There is a long list of options for linking sustainability and fashion. Sustainably produced materials such as bamboo fiber are trending across the globe these days, and products of all kinds of clothing range from t-shirts, tank tops, and joggers to shorts. Materials like bamboo require limited resources to be produced and processed. Hence these are a great way to make your wardrobe trendy yet sustainable. Studies have shown that bamboo is highly eco-friendly as compared to mainstream materials.

Consume Millet, A Grain That Has Environment & Health Benefits

Your diet is another excellent way to bring sustainability into your home. Environment-friendly food products are sustainable and have a long list of health benefits. Versatile food-grain options such as millet have various health benefits and are superior in both nutritional value and ecological terms. 

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These can also grow in bad soil conditions as well and can save thousands of gallons of water compared to other staple crops. You can get a wide variety of food products that incorporate millet and other sustainable food grains or are made of them in order to integrate sustainability into your lifestyle.

Stationery That Believes In Saving Environment

Did you know saving paper is one of the highest-impact ways to become sustainable in today’s world? The impact is so profound that recycling 1 tonne of paper can save 17 trees. There are various methods you can employ to include sustainability in your stationery. Using recycled paper or e-ink tablets to prevent paper use for tasks such as taking notes can go a long way in helping you make your home more sustainable. In the end, building eco friendly houses is not a one-day job. One must integrate several eco friendly housing techniques.