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Ways for a Plastic-Free Food Storage

Whether prepping meals, making yourself a zero-waste lunch or storing leftovers from dinner, plastic-free food storage containers are your best bet for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Whatever your requirements, there are several alternatives to the ubiquitous plastic wraps and containers. 

As a result, through this article, we’ll be exploring why it is essential to select plastic-free food storage, what ideal alternatives are, and some of the best products by Vedessi. So, let’s begin with the rundown.

Why is plastic-free food storage pivotal?

While shatterproof and convenient, plastic storage food storage containers bring with them environmental costs and essential health to the planet and consumers. 


Based on studies conducted byHarvard Health, certain chemicals in plastic containers may leach out into the beverages and food they hold. Some chemicals like phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA) have been associated with metabolic disorders (obesity) and reduced fertility.

When leaching can happen naturally, it can also occur at a quicker rate and to a much more significant degree. This can take place when the plastic container is exposed significantly to heat. So, microwaving your leftovers in a plastic container might invite a higher dose of potentially harmful chemicals. 

Plastic pollution

When it concerns plastic pollution, we have generated an astounding 8.3bn tons of plastic since the early 1950s. And only9% of the entire plastic waste has been recycled. Can you believe these figures? Most discarded plastic takes a considerable space in landfills and pollutes the surrounding areas. Moreover, if you weren’t aware, plastics can take between 400 to more than 1000 years to degrade and decompose. And based on research pieces byNational Geographic, a minimum of 8 million tons of plastic waste gets into oceans yearly, jeopardizing the quality and safety of food, coastal tourism, and human health and contributing to climate change.

It’s also estimated that by 2050, plastic waste will reach 12 billion metric tons. Consequently, choosing plastic free food containers can help reduce our participation and contribution to plastic waste and to alleviate the plastics crisis.

Food waste

Moving on, food waste is one of the biggest problems all over the planet. According to studies conducted by theNational Zero Waste Council, nearly 2.2 million tonnes of food waste is discarded or lost every year, costing the citizens of Canada more than 17 billion dollars yearly. That equals 9.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and 2.1 million vehicles on the road. 

Ensuring to store food leftovers in the proper plastic free glass food storage or plastic free containers can travel a long way in assisting us to alleviate our contribution to generating more food waste and the emissions linked with disposal and production. If you do not have the right resources to switch from plastic storage containers straight away, experts recommend searching at the bottom of plastic containers for the following markings: #2, #4, & #5. Such plastic products are considered safe for drink and food. However, avoid plastic storage containers with markings: #3, #6, & #7. These figures denote high-risk plastics. 


Even while utilizing the services of safer plastics, prevent them from putting them in the microwave and dishwashers or storing any greasy and acidic foods in them. One can also place their old plastic containers out of service through upcycling. 

Here are some of the best eco-friendly food storage options that can act as influential ways to replace your traditional products.

1. Eco-Friendly Lunch Box Food Container

When storing food after you’re done eating, look nowhere else than a lunch box food container by Vedessi. This plastic-free food storage is eco-friendly, thermal insulated, and leakproof with chopsticks and spoons. Moreover, this all-in-one lunch box can be microwaved as well. Speaking of which, what can be better than plastic-free food storage containers in the shape of lunch boxes? This is what you get with such a brand—the ecstasy of storing leftovers and flair to flaunt the product, all at the same time.  

Having said that, the product allows you to run it in the dishwasher without any fret. The highest temperature that can be pressed over the product is 100 degrees, whereas the lowest is -20 degrees. And, if you do not have these boxes already, it would be best to order a plastic-free glass food storage. This allows you to have specific options.

2. Coconut Bowls And Wooden Spoon Sets

A kitchen flourishes when you have the proper cutlery. What if you enhance the current stock with sustainable options? In that case, it would be fair to say that coconut bowls and wooden spoon sets can make a significant difference on your kitchen shelf. Rightly said - sourced directly from nature to home! Every bowl in the set comprises a distinctive size, shape, imperfections, and color, providing the product with a natural appeal. And, if someone’s birthday is around the corner, what better than this set? In the end, you must practice what you preach. 

These artisanal coconut bowls are perfect for smoothies, salads, cereal, and buddha bowls. Moreover, every bowl comes with a unique natural pattern, making it an excellent addition to your picnic baskets or dinnerware sets. Having said that, Vedessi’s coconut bowls are ideal for accenting or decorating your corporate or domestic setup. And, if you’re someone who likes to host various forms and types of events, these all-natural plastic-free food storage containers can be perfect for brunch, parties, or picnics. The coconut bowls and spoons are an excellent fit, made with zero synthetic material, and 100% free of parabens and plastics. 

3. Portable Practical Reusable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cups

Do you like to attend meetings, stay up late, or walk with coffee in one hand? Well, that’s not it. Minor transformations can help your cause considerably. Speaking of which, bamboo fiber coffee cups add that missing sustainable quotient to your lifestyle. And, when it all comes down to that, there’s no harm in buying such a product to flaunt and be a little bit responsible simultaneously. 

So, here is a 100cm go-to coffee cup for your routine outings. Crafted with biodegradable bamboo, they contain no toxic or harmful materials and are eco-friendly and healthy. While the world already has abundant plastic, make a change by buying this plastic-free food storage in the shape of single-use plastic cups.